Notice - 2 September 2017

NOTICE to GTGC Members:
The GTGC is open and operational. But please be careful crossing the bridge - if it is covered by water, do not cross. Until further notice, the old gate code and the new gate code both operate the gate. The old gate code will be deleted after we receive the renewals still stuck in the US mailing system and get them processed and mailed. Be safe, and help those who were hit hard by Tropical Storm Harvey.
Bruce Held, President

The Golden Triangle Gun Club, Inc. is a private, members-only gun club located on Erie Street 2 miles off U.S. Highway 69/96/287 just south of Beaumont (Click here for a map showing the location of the club).  We are a 100% NRA club with a membership of over 1000 individuals.  The club offers its members and their families or guests eight different shooting ranges that enable the shooter to enjoy shotgun, pistol, pellet gun, and small and large bore rifle shooting.  Memberships are currently available to those who qualify.  Please see the Membership Section of this website for details and an application form.

Safety and security are our highest priorities - “Safety First, Last, and Always” is our motto.  We have several on-site high-definition security cameras to video those who damage or try to steal club property.

The ranges at the club are: the 25/50 yard pistol and smallbore rifle range, the License to Carry range, the 50/100/150/200 yard metallic silhouette target pistol range, the action pistol range for IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) and IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) shooting, the 100/200 yard rifle range, the 200/300/500/600 yard high-power rifle range, the sporting clays shotgun range, and the indoor 10-meter pellet range used by participants in the 4-H program.  Most shooting ranges have covered firing lines for all-weather shooting.  Earthen berms are constructed downrange to capture bullets.  Additional berms are constructed between the pistol ranges for additional safety.  The shooting ranges are designed and constructed to enable simultaneous use of all ranges at the same time.

An air-conditioned/heated Activities Center building with two classrooms is available for use by Board-of-Directors-approved club members/instructors for training classes.  Clean men’s and women’s restrooms are on site, and they are also air-conditioned and heated.

The club offers competitive shooting matches for challenging any shooter's interest. Action pistol shooters can enjoy IDPA and IPSC matches.  NRA and CMP sanctioned high power rifle matches bring out the best marksmen from around the state.  Teenagers can learn gun safety and handling along with acquiring marksmanship skills in the .22 caliber and pellet 4-H rifle matches. Hunters will love the challenge of the long range metallic silhouette matches.

600 yd. Rifle Range (side view)

600 yd. Rifle Range (looking downrange)

For the western history buffs, there is even a SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) western cowboy single action shooting match where competitors dress in clothes of the 1800's, complete with cowboy hats, vests, chaps, and of course, six-shooters! This match continues to grow in popularity and is lots of fun.

Whatever your interest, a competitive shooter, hunter, action shooter, casual plinker, or western cowboy, there is a shooting range available to suit your style.